Mold and Die Drilling

For many kinds of work, specialized tools and forms are needed to build the custom components at play.

The full range of variety is massive, but when it comes to making such custom forms, molds and dies are the common way to go about it.

So, what happens when you need custom machining to complete mold or die work?

Well, you need deep hole drilling specifically geared for mold and die work. For that, you need

What Is Mold and Die Drilling?

Deep drilling is a process where holes are bored into substances.

To count as deep hole, the definition draws on a comparison between the width and depth of the hole.

Typically, drilling applies to any hole that is at least 10 times deeper than it is wide.

Mold and die drilling takes this concept and applies it to machining processes.

While not all die and mold machining involved drilling, plenty of applications benefit from the deeper bores.

When you need such bores with the precision of die and mold machining, then this type of service is the best solution.

Providing Drilling in Different Materials

When you need mold and die drilling, the material at hand will matter extensively.

Not all materials are suited to take die and mold machining. Additionally, for many dies and molds, only the strongest materials are viable.

Metals are the common materials for this kind of work, and at Acromatic, we have specialized resources to help with hole drilling in several different materials.

Most notably, we can work with stainless steel, copper, and industrial-grade steel, ensuring that you can get the precision machining you need on the material of your choosing.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a strong and resilient metal. In many industrial applications, it’s a great choice to create strong tools and structures that don’t succumb to oxidation and many forms of corrosion.

It provides the best of several worlds.

Hole drilling into stainless steel requires specialized equipment.

Drills require extraordinary hardness, and getting deep into stainless steel is not easy.

We handle precision die and mold drilling with stainless steel as a material.

You can get precision, depth, and the benefits of stainless steel.


For many applications, copper is a better choice than stainless steel.

The corrosion resistance for copper is considerably higher, making it ideal in wet applications and with certain chemicals that might corrode steel but not copper.

Copper is also a softer metal, allowing it to hold forms that are not entirely accessible to various steels.

Mold and die drilling in copper is challenging because of the metal’s properties.

Copper has softness that requires a specialized approach, and the way the metal patinas means that deep holes have to take into account how the surface of the material might change over time.

Industrial-Grade Steel

When you need the hardest and strongest steels, you get into industrial-grade materials.

These are some of the toughest to drill because of the hardness and strength of the steel itself.

Only the most specialized drill technology can get the job done, and maintaining precision requires a skilled touch.

Yet, we offer drilling for your dies and molds made from or with industrial-grade steel.

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