Defense Deep Hole Drilling

Acromatic Deep Hole Drilling has provided defense deep hole drilling services for nearly 50 years.

Our work in machining aerospace alloys and our ability to accommodate demanding tolerances has enabled us to become a key part of defense supply chains.

Defense Drilling Specifications

We drill a range of lengths and diameters in a broad variety of materials to suit a variety of project requirements.

Our drilling capabilities range from .093″ diameter., to 5″ diameter. and as deep as 150″ through the center of round bars, depending on the diameter of the drill.

We drill to exact specifications to tight tolerances whether you are working with industrial grade steel, stainless steel, or copper.

We are also able to drill flat stock bars with the option to drill off center for more complex fixtures.

Related Defense Services

Our team of drilling experts will provide you with the results you would expect from the leading drilling service provider.

Throughout our nearly 50 years of hands-on experience, we have applied our skills to the creation of components, tools, and parts for a wide range of projects and products, including:

Our list of services includes:

Gun, Precision, and Deep Hole Drilling

Our facilities enables us to create any size hole, tolerance, and finish at short notice.

Deep drilling makes it possible to produce parts that are lighter and stronger than before.

This process can be used to eliminate unutilized material, reducing the weight of components without reducing its strength or changing the exterior shape.

The added efficiency that can be gained using thin-wall parts is tremendous.

It is for these reasons that we utilize only the highest quality drilling machinery operated by professionals with industry-leading experience and expertise to keep your defense manufacturing process competitive.

Contact us for our drilling services in the USA, especially for defense and mold and die drilling services.