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Deep hole drilling and boring is a manufacturing process in which a machined opening is to be at least three times greater in depth than they are in diameter.

Gas Deep Hole drilling differs from ordinary drilling in the extreme depth to diameter ratio, extreme pressures, and the need for cooling lubricant.

A high degree of precision, torque, and high cooling capacity is required for this drilling. A high level of precision cutting is also required.

The production of high precision equipment must perform under high speed, heat, and friction while maintaining tight mechanical tolerances for this process to work.

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While the gas drilling future remains uncertain in terms of where it will go, much of the processing needs of gas drilling companies are likely to remain the same.

We drill the full range of lengths, diameters, and materials for all of your production needs. We can drill holes anywhere between 0.93″ and 5″ diameter to a depth of up to 150 inches. 

We drill to suit precise specifications and exact mechanical tolerances, ensuring your final product is a perfect fit for your project. 

We work with all applicable metal types, including stainless steel, copper, and industrial-grade steel. 

We also drill flat stock bars on center or off-center to accommodate complex fixtures.


Drilling has made it possible to produce more parts that are lighter and stronger than ever before.

Drilling can be used to remove excess material, reducing the weight of a component without altering the exterior shape or reducing its strength.

The added energy efficiency that can be gained using thin-wall parts.

In this regard, drilling is considered a vast opportunity for designers and engineers to cut unused materials in nearly any of the heaviest gas drilling components.

It is for these reasons, and more, that we offer the highest quality drilling machinery to bring your process to the next level.

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