Automotive Deep Hole Drilling

The Association of German Engineers (VDI) describes deep hole drilling as the machining of bore holes that are at least three times greater in depth than they are in diameter.

Deep drilling differs from ordinary drilling in the extreme depth to diameter ratio, high pressures, and the need for cooling lubricant.

This drilling requires a high degree of precision, torque, and high cooling capacity. It is also distinct in the high level of precision cutting required.

This process is designed for the production of high precision equipment which must perform under intense speed, heat, and friction while maintaining tight mechanical tolerances.

Automotive Drilling in Auto Manufacturing

While it remains uncertain where the future of automotive technology will go, much of the processing needs of auto manufacturing companies are likely to remain the same.

In fact, much of the technology that was developed for high-performance vehicles years ago is now moving into the mainstream.

Sodium-filled valves, for example, which were once used only in the most extreme performance vehicles are now being used in consumer vehicles.

This is also true of camshafts, which are designed to reduce the energy consumption of rotational inertia and make engine management more feasible.

Today’s automatic transmissions now offer eight or more speeds rather than just five or six.

This makes it possible for smaller displacement engines to provide greater fuel efficiency and better performance.

Advancements like these are nothing new, but they were once considered too expensive for broad use.

Today, however, manufacturing processes like automotive drilling have made a higher grade of technology available to a wider buying demographic.

Lighter & Stronger

Drilling has made it possible to produce more parts that are lighter and stronger than ever before.

Drilling can be used to remove excess material, reducing the weight of a component without altering the exterior shape or reducing its strength.

The added energy efficiency that can be gained through the use of thin-wall parts is enormous.

In this regard, drilling is considered a vast opportunity for designers and engineers to cut unused materials in nearly any of the heaviest automotive components.

It is for these reasons, and more, that we offer the highest quality drilling machinery to bring your process to the next level.

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