Aerospace Deep Hole Drilling Services

In engineering, deep hole drilling is a manufacturing process in which the machined hole is to be up to 200 times as deep as the diameter of the hole.

Even for general engineering purposes, this requires a high degree of precision and the production of hole cuts that are clean, uniform, and smooth.

In aerospace deep hole drilling, these quality requirements are even more critical with tighter mechanical tolerances and higher precision.

Aerospace Deep Hole Drilling

In the aerospace industry, the deep hole drilling process involves BTA and Gun drilling.

Additional processes will also be applied in order to meet the needs of applications that require very narrow mechanical tolerances and generate a high degree of accuracy and precision.

The task of delivering high quality deep hole drilling services in the aerospace industry requires high efficiency cooling and the rapid removal of metal.

High Grade Cooling

Deep hole drilling imposes immense amounts of friction on a very small surface area.

This means that the cooling process must be of the highest efficiency and capability.

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